I like you
Search For a Better Tomorrow
18, Chicago, Taken with the bestest person ever <3 Bisexual. Clash of Clans, Magic the Gathering, Soccer. Nerd Central. Feed me. Be my friend, I'll love you. Free listener! And advice. Being weird is life. Green is not a creative colour. Kbye.
Oh hai, that&#8217;s me.
Got a picture with him for my birthday :) He&#8217;s silly
First mirror effect picture ever. Woah
Haircut :D
I&#8217;m weird.

Take me to A Day to Remember concert, hold me in your arms, spin me around and kiss me again.

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You made me feel beautiful yesterday..you&#8217;re so sweet (:
Favorite leggings ever! And guess what? Thighs touch &lt;333 Suck my dick.
Haven&#8217;t had one of these in a while.